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U-CyTech is a Dutch biotechnology company founded in 1999. 
The company is affiliated with Utrecht University and engaged in fundamental and applied research in the field of cytokine biology. U-CyTech develops and manufactures a wide range of innovative cytokine ELISA, ELISPOT and Fluorospot systems for human, monkey and rodent use. The reagents for these systems are available in different formats, providing maximal flexibility and time saving convenience: complete kits and matched antibody pairs.
The ELISA/ELISPOT kits require high-quality reagents to obtain accurate and reliable results.  This has stimulated U-CyTech to develop ‘in house’ a wide range of highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies directed to a wide range of cytokines from different species. The validated compatibility of these antibodies with certain high-quality ancillary reagents and plates guarantees trouble-free operation and optimal results.


Contract services

U-CyTech also offers laboratory contract services. Our scientists are classically trained biochemists with extensive experience in cytokine and anti-cytokine antibody production, purification and characterization. In collaboration with biotechnical and (bio)pharmaceutical companies and universities we develop, optimize and validate an assortment of immunoassays for various applications (human, monkey, rat and mouse) or perform cytokine and anti-cytokine antibody levels measurements in the circulation of human or animal subjects.

Services include:

  • Development of specific ELISA/ELISPOT assays
  • Immune monitoring
  • ELISPOT assay consultation
  • ELISPOT plate scanning and analysis
  • ELISPOT assay cellular analysis
  • Endotoxin testing

All these services are carried out in full confidentiality. Regular contact and progress reporting by experienced scientists (including custom study design and data interpretation) will keep you informed in real time about the advancement of the work. All services are performed under the international quality standard guidelines ISO 9001:2008.

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